“Our vision is to integrate the future of technology & construction now.”

Flux Architects (AA26003713) provides clients with outstanding architectural services, the ability to deliver premium design, attention to the most cost-effective materials and consideration to construction methods available to help meet client budget requirements.  Our firm provides guidance and leadership for the entire team of consultants and contractors throughout the entire process; from concept to completion.  This is how we help ensure the client's peace of mind, maximize cost efficiency and maintain project timelines.

The firm consists of 3 partners, all licensed architects, and a combined 50 years of experience.  We have worked on many successful projects in the architecture industry ranging from private residences, high rises, hotels & resorts, commercial retail, industrial and government projects.  Additionally, we have and continue to provide architectural services, inside & outside the country, while maintaining focus in the greater South Florida area including 
Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa.

At Flux Architects, we embrace the fluidity which architecture, design and technology continue to become integrated at an exponentially fast pace.  Our firm seeks out and helps to find compelling design solutions for implementation in the built environment.  As our name implies, Flux (continuous change); we are constantly evolving in our pursuit to improve and build upon our previous achievements.





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